Industry 4.0 for Food and beverage

We are pioneers in the digitization of companies in the food and beverage industry. In addition, Maval is the first Siemens Partner in the food and beverage sector. 

Currently the food and beverage industry is a sector in full transformation that still has problems when facing their digital challenges, this is a transformation that requires resources, investment and a change of mentality, althougnt undoubtedly brings benefits in the medium and long term.

The main goal of the digitization of industrial companies is to improve the efficiency of the production processes, obtain a completely reliable traceability from the obtaining of the raw material, throughout the process of the production chain until the packaging and the arrival of the product to the Distribution centers.

Digitalización industria alimentariaAdvantages of implementing a production and operation management system:

When an industrial company is committed to the digital transformation of its operations and processes through MES/MOM and PlM systems, it must be aware that it will face a significant investment and a series of significant changes.

However, the digital transformation of a company can bring a series of advantages that definitely can not be ignored.

We will list some of these advantages:

  • More efficiency
  • Cost reduction.
  • Avoid risks that make the process much safer for workers and consumers.

How can we focus on the digital transformation of food and beverage companies?

The digitization of food and beverage industries works in two planes that are deeply linked. On the one hand it benefits companies and on the other it offers added value to consumers who are increasingly demanding and committed to health, transparency, and products that increasingly adapt to their needs.

All this requires companies to more flexibility and implement a data management system that allows more and more efficient and sustainable products to be produced each time.

MES/MOM for the digitalization of food and beverage companies.

If we talk about the digital transformation of companies, we can not ignore the solutions provided by the integration of Lifecycle Management systems of the product provided by the Siemens company.

In Maval we are Siemens Partner and also Partners in the Food and Beverage sector, this accredits us as consultants and integrators of most Siemens PLM solutions.


Digitalización industrial industria alimentaria

To give an example of the level of precision and reliability of these technologies that can currently be adapted to projects of any scale, we can see that Simatic IT is present, for example, at CERN, which has one of the largest automated systems in the world.

Currently all this technology is applicable and scalable to almost any industrial project and of course adaptable to the needs of companies in the food industry, both human and animal, where the controls are increasingly exhaustive.

Food and beverage industry is obliged to implement new processes to transform their processes in order to increase efficiency and productivity in the near future.

Digitalización industria alimentaria

Industrial digitization for food and beverage industry

Why to digitize a food and beverage company:

  • Through digitization we can manage and centralize a large volume of data that helps us to unify processes.
  • In this way we could develop a unified repository for all product specifications, accessible via web or in the cloud accessible to users and collaborators, regardless of the size or headquarters of our company, manage the efficiency of the plant, and use the data of performance to be able to implement future iterations that allow us to optimize production more and more.
  • We can standardize all the processes of content management, collection and validation, and the generation of standard documents for the company.
  • Management of all product specifications.
  • Development of dashboard reporting tools to be able to offer vital information in real time.
  • Production management, process of acceptance of raw materials, incoming merchandise and production implementation.

These are just some processes that can be implemented in the food and beverage sector. In Maval we provide automation and PLM solutions for the food industry. If you have any doubt or interest in our portfolio of automation and digitization services and projects, do not hesitate to contact us.


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